Lake Miola was constructed in
    the 1950s as the primary water
    supply for the city of Paola.  

    The park covers approximately
    725 acres which includes the 200
    acre lake.  

    Since construction the lake has
    become a great location for
    camping, water sports, fishing,
    hiking, bird watching, family get-
    togethers and picnics.  

    The Annual Fourth of July
    Fireworks display sponsored by
    the Paola Chamber of Commerce
    is held at Lake Miola.
    You might wonder about the name

    Once upon a time there was this
    Indian Princess named Miola........it
    sure would make a nice story.

    It was a simple as a school contest
    back in the fifties when somebody
    came up with this unusual same by
    putting Miami County and Paola
    together into one short word that
    stuck as the name ever since: Miola.
    During the summer months, a camp
    host is available at the campgrounds
    on the west side of the lake to assist
    campers.  Camping and boating
    permits are also available from the
    Lake Caretaker at the office near the
    boat ramp.
Lake Miola Caretaker
22470 W 299th St,  
Paola, KS 66071
(913) 259-3665
    Lake Miola  -  Paola Kansas
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